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Seven Rules to Follow When You’re Dating Online in Boise

Remember when online dating was met with whispers and sideways glances? There used to be a taboo feeling when it came to meeting someone from Boise on a dating website. It almost felt desperate and wrong. However, the rules for online dating have changed dramatically, especially with the invention of popular dating apps you can download to your smartphone. Boise Tinder, anyone? Today, online dating can be easy and worthwhile if you follow a few simple rules!

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Boise Dating Tip #1: Always tell the truth

While it is tempting to use a profile picture from ten years ago because you look thinner, don’t. No one wants to meet up with someone who looks nothing like their pictures. Don’t say you love the Boise foothills or hiking in Idaho if you can’t stand the sun, always be upfront about the number of kids you have, and don’t go on about the television shows that you love when you’ve never watched them. Being honest on your profile will get you much further. It’s just easier to maintain a relationship when it starts with the truth.

Boise Dating Tip #2: Don’t take things personally

Dating In IdahoYou may look good together online, but things can change when you actually meet up for the first time. Don’t take bad or boring dates personally. In fact, it’s a good idea to look at these types of dates like practice. Sure, it didn’t work out, but you probably had fun and got to practice socializing with someone else. Just remember, you aren’t going to have chemistry with every date you have, so don’t let a few bad dates ruin your self-esteem.

Boise Dating Tip #3: Try out different websites

Nowadays, you’ll find various dating websites online as well as dating apps you can install on your phone. Don’t limit yourself to just one website or app when you could experiment with a few instead. Some dating websites are more for casual encounters while others are geared toward serious relationships. We have all seen the adverts for the “Farmers Only” dating site and maybe chuckled a little but spend some time to see if there is a dating site catered to your specific lifestyle, religious beliefs, hobbies, or location. Try out a few to find one that fits your needs.

Boise Dating Tip #4: Take a chance

Dating and Romance in BoiseSure, you want to get to know a person before you actually meet them. But with so many apps and websites and so little time, who has the energy to keep a conversation going for long? It’s fine to keep up a short conversation for a little while, but consider asking the person to meet up for coffee or lunch after a few shorter messages. This way, you aren’t investing your time and energy into someone you won’t have chemistry with face-to-face. Once you have established some type of interest in each other, don’t drag things out.

Boise Dating Tip #5: Online dating can take time

You may get lucky and take a chance with your happily-ever-after the first time you meet up with someone from a dating service. But in most cases, online dating takes time and patience. Prepare yourself for a number of first dates, and even some dating disasters, before you find the one who makes it all worth it.

Boise Dating Tip #6: Always be safe when online dating

Boise Dating SafelyNever give out your home address when you are talking to someone online. If you do plan to meet up for a date, arrange for a meeting in a very public place. Use your own transportation to get there and make sure you have a way home. Make sure a friend or family member knows when you are out with someone new. You could also ask them to text you an hour or so into the date to make sure things are going well (and safely) on your end.

Boise Dating Tip #7: Be open and flexible

While it’s advisable to have a series of ground rules for your dates, it’s also okay to be flexible about them. For example, you may have a “no kissing” rule concerning first dates, but don’t be scared to break this rule if your gut tells you that it’s okay. Trust your innermost feelings to do what you think is right. Following your heart may lead you straight to the love of your life!

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