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Rank High on Google Searches By Enriching the User Experience

Every business employee who has anything to do with a company’s marketing outreach needs to know the basics of search engine optimization. This marketing strategy, called SEO for short, is responsible for the vast majority of online retail transactions that take place. SEO is the bridge the consumer uses to get from their boring desktop screen to the exciting website offered by companies that promise to fulfill their needs. Consumers simply type a few words into a search bar to get transported to a list of websites that offer products and services that meet their needs, or the consumer might be looking for help with a problem that leads them to the solution provided written by a unique brand.

No matter how the consumer finds the company through their internet search, landing on a webpage through clicking is an organic experience to the user. The consumer feels like they found their answers through their own actions, and the answer they were looking for happens to come from a webpage written by your company. This example illustrates why it’s important to rank high on Google searches. Ranking high on Google searches is one of the most successful marketing strategies. Many modern marketers agree that ranking high in search results on Google is worth the investment, and the way to do this is by unlocking some of the most guarded SEO secrets.

What Determines How High Your Company Ranks

If the goal is to rank high on Google searches, the first thing that needs to be done is to figure out what criteria determines how high a company will rank. The criteria that Google’s algorithms relies upon includes how easily their automated system is able to crawl through websites. Google takes the quality of the user’s experience into account, so the site must also have content that is relevant, engaging, and information to the user. Lastly, in order to rank high in Google searches, companies need to display that their business is an authority on the content that they are promoting.

Learning How to Crawl

Before your company runs with the best companies in your industry, you must learn how to crawl through the website. Learning about how Google crawls through your company’s website will help the site rank higher when you make it easier for Google to discover more information on your company’s website. Linchpin SEO explains this concept: “For the most effective crawling, it’s imperative that the information architecture is constructed in a way that mirrors their thought processes.” Think like the user to help Google have a better time crawling through the pages of your website.

The User Experience is Vital

Not enough can be said about how important the user’s experience is to each website’s rank on Google’s search results. The value of this secret comes from the fact that user experience encompasses all other ways to rank high on Google. Try to think of ways to bring value to the people that visit your website by coming up with interesting content. Unique content on your site will increase its value to the user. Instead of selling a product, website content should be focused on solving actual problems for real people.

Google Listens to Authority

Google wants its users to be satisfied with the pages that it suggests, so it lists sites with high authority in their industry at a higher ranking than those companies without authority. The way to become more authoritative doesn’t involve gaining another degree in your field. In fact, websites gain authority that Google favors by being referenced by other sites on the web. In academia, the same could be said about scholars who are referenced by other scholars in their chosen field. Bring authority to your company’s website to rank higher by making great content that other people want to reference.

Don’t underestimate the Power of Local Marketing

A business Google My Business profile builds the entity of a business. Dan ODonnell of Crevand SEO, a Boise SEO agency, suggests that the future of both national and local marketing is branding through local citations, brand mentions and acquiring reviews. “Businesses should look closely online for high quality resources where they can share their company information and build their brand entity”, says Dan. “A few places I really like are Upcity,, Yelp, and local chambers. Also look for industry specific directories that rate companies (ie. Best Firms or Brand Yourself)”.

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